Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Power Animal of the Month: Unicorn

Because it is Miss Kinder's birthday this month, and this is an important animal in her world, behold the unicorn.


Lisa said...

Fauna loved unicorns at that age as well! Araina's birthday is this month as well....on the 22nd.

BTW, I made my sister 5 rolled hemmed hankies for her birthday. She loved them!

Lisa ;)

Arielle said...

Do you know about this application? http://www.cornify.com/. You put it on your browser and can instantly make any web site a girly unicorn spectacular!

Peggy, we are leaving town for my sister's wedding in Chicago today and will be back mid-next week, but then I would really love to see if we can make a time to get together. In the meantime, I've been faithfully following your blog, which I adore.

ariellecg at yahoo

Peggy said...

Lisa, you are amazing! 5 hankies, and everything else you do, too? I'm blown away.

Arielle, I'd love to get together. Give a call when you are back and wanna! I love seeing baby boy on your blog!
xo peggy

juanita de la vega said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Kinder!
I love unicorns too! Take a look at this site::

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