Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 of my favorite craft supplies for kids

So you've got your origami, card stock, plain paper, construction paper and various lined paper. You're stocked up on scissors, glue sticks, pompoms, pipe cleaners, feathers and beads. You have glitter, if you are insane and enjoy being glittery wherever and whenever the glitter wants. Markers, crayons, colored pencils and paints are on the shelf, if not in the couch cushions. 

But you crave more! Or, they do at least. If you are ready for the craft version of the iTunes Essentials "Deep Cuts" here are some craft supplies that make life enjoyable here with Miss Kinder and the ever fickle two-year-old LEB.
  1. mod podge - this is fun and easy to use. kids can make collages on paper, cardboard forts, tins for their treasures and just about anything else there is. I prefer the glossy, but they sell a matte version as well. You can find it in any craft shop.
  2. tape -  I've talked about this before, so I'll be brief and simply say that you can never have enough tape. Feel free to check out the tape roundup I did, here
  3. embroidery floss - another easy to find item (any craft or fabric store will carry this) it makes a great first thread for tiny hands. We use it for embroidery work as well as for beading necklaces and bracelets. 
  4. silver ball chains - these are inexpensive and make great chains for lots of different pendants. 
  5. alphabet stamps - we have a few sets of these, and they are great for my new reader & writer. She likes spelling out words with them and embellishing letters and just about any other project.
  6. postage stamps  - it's always a good idea to ask at the post office what kinds of pretty stamps they have on hand. That said, I love the idea of buying up older stamps and using them in combination to get the postage just right. 
  7. bakers twine  - a simple and pretty way to gift-wrap. Use tissue paper for the gift and then wind around like you would with ribbon and tie a nice bow.
  8. wooden doll bodies - kids can paint their own characters and use ribbon, cloth or ricrac to decorate the bodies.
  9. stickers - great for letters, affixing to best friends, and for countless other uses your kids will think up. I love these sweet faces from thesmallobject.
  10. oil cloth - Use it as a dropcloth on the floor for finger painting or cover a craft table, or countless craft projects. Here's a list to get you thinking.

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