Monday, May 4, 2009

Power Animal of the Month: Honeybee!

Here in Maine, the dandelions, tulips and daffodils are alive with the buzzing of honeybees.  It's such a welcome sound after six months of crunching through snow and ice. No bees were harmed in the making of this power animal roundup, though my sensibilities were offended often from really awful bee-based puns [see: bee mine, bee kind, you're bee-u-ti-ful!] 

I also included a lovely bee box (#1) for bees of the real-life variety. Like Miss Kinder says, "Without bees LEB, you know what!? We'd be so poor and starving, we would even have no food for a million years!"

1 comment:

skymring said...

i love bees, and if i had a big garden, i would definately have a go at bee keeping. that print, number 2, is just so sweet!

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