Thursday, May 7, 2009

This End Up

Miss Kinder insisted that her best friend receive a riding pony-on-a-stick, a request I couldn't deny her since the pair of ponies-on-sticks are the favorite pretend play item of choice by her and V. when they are at our house. 

I have managed to keep my handmade pledge all year, and I wasn't sure this one infraction was all that bad. I eased my mind on this front in two ways: I bought the pony locally, and then I set my mind to making a box for it that would conceal its identity and allow me to make something as well.

So, what kind of box can you make to hide a stick pony? And it came to me. Ta da!


Lynnie said...

TRULY brilliant! Almost worth giving someone a stick horse just to be able to wrap it like that!

skymring said...

that's really sweet! it's really easy to make your own pony stick, though. use an old knitted sock, stuff it, decorate it, staple and bind it to the stick - voila!

AlewivesGirl said...

You really do the most amazing things...(!)

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