Thursday, April 2, 2009

Half a Pair

One sock, done! My Other Half tried it on and said it actually feels like a sock! On to the match!

In addition to all the tips I gave you in this post, I highly recommend that any of you starting your first pair of socks watch this series of YouTube videos. She has a very soothing voice which she uses to give you careful explanations of each step, and I watched these several times when I got to a new part of the sock that I couldn't quite be sure about from reading only the pattern.

The most exciting part, as I'd heard from many others, was turning the heel. That's where the sock formally began to look like one, and it was thoroughly encouraging to go on from there. I had a couple parts where I could see that I had clearly made some sort of mistake in counting stitches, and I dutifully undid my work and redid it. The thing about knitting a sock is that you want it to feel good, and you want it to look good. Both these points make fixing mistakes important.

Which reminds me that one of the greatest lessons I had on knitting was from the blazingly talented fiber artist Linda LaBelle. Three hours on how to fix mistakes and how to differentiate between ones that can be fixed without undoing your work from the ones that cannot. 

If you want to brush up on your mistake-fixing skills, CrazyAuntPurl has a great post on fixing knitting mistakes of all kinds. And good old YouTube has a great set of videos on fixing mistakes, which is my best way of learning just about anything. 

Please post a comment and let me know if you are working on a sock, and show me how it's going!


Enviro Girl said...

Congratulations! Your sock looks great and I love the colourful yarn you've chosen.

I definitely need to learn how to fix mistakes. I just picked up my knitting needles after a 20 year break, so I'm pretty much flying blind. Maybe I'll be able to make a beautiful sock like yours one day!

Annie said...

I'm not knitting a sock right now but I love how your sock turned out. Great colours!

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