Monday, April 13, 2009

Needle Felted Weekend

Someone suggested that the girls use a chopstick to hold the felt down while poking with a needle into the felt, and it was brilliant! 

We had a wooly weekend, making little animals and jewelry with the roving wool. 

To make the ring, I cut a small strip of felt that would fit around the ring finger and poked a small tuft of roving wool at the seam to join it. 

But the little nest/bowl is my favorite, because it reminds me of these sweet nesting bowls on Etsy. I think I will make a couple more in larger sizes to go with this one that is being used temporarily as a nest. 

With Easter behind us we are on to planting and cleaning up in preparation for spring, learning to ride without training wheels, and having friends come stay for the week. I will try to keep posting, but there is a chance I get spotty as the week goes on and people arrive from Tuesday through Saturday. Rest assured, I am staying crafty and snapping photos all the while!


Iris E. said...

Great tip for training-wheel shedding that doesn't break mom and dad's backs:

Take the pedals AND training wheels off the bike. Make sure the seat is nice and low down.

Let Miss K. tool around like this, paddling her feet along, and hey, if there are puddles, she might have to pull her feet up for a minute!! All the better!

This way, she gains the experience of balancing on her own...and pretty soon, when you put those pedals back on, it's like magic! She'll just GO.


Lisa said...

These are beautiful little woolies. There is a lot of natural talent there (like their super creative and talented mama)! BTW, Fauna want to know how old your girls are.

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