Friday, January 30, 2009

Thrift Store find: now what?

I snapped up these two french fairy tale books from the free bin at the thrift shop. The were published in 1978, and seem to be screaming out for me to do something with all the deer and fairy illustrations. So far, I've cut one photo out and wrapped a can with it, and it's filled with all the different decorative edge scissors that the girls use, but what can I do with the rest of it? I need ideas, and so I ask you. What would you suggest? 


Donna said...

Hi there,
not sure how old your girls are, but what about puzzles from some of the images, à la Chica Schmica:

Peggy Andrews said...

Donna, thanks. They are 5 and 2, and I bet this could be pretty fun. They'd probably want to do it themselves, too. I love a good Mod Podge project. -stc

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