Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentines Day: handsome finds for big man and little man

I think Valentine's Day is just about off the radar for most guys, but gifts are so fun to give. It's also fun to tackle the challenge of finding gifts for the allegedly more difficult to shop for gender. 

I can't help it. I'm posting another print from theblackappleCurious Birdplane Boy would be really nice in the kids room. Or just get it for yourself.

My paper crane makes sweet softies. I think this fortune cookie is perfect, especially because it comes with a little fortune, too.

I just discovered L.L.Bean's Moonbeam Alarm Clock in a post by the whip-smart angrychicken, and I'm smitten. It glows brighter as the sun rises and then beeps if the glowing isn't enough.

History Shots sells all kinds of information graphics that are beautiful and really interesting to look at. I'm partial to the Genealogy of Pop/Rock, but check out their site for sports, politics, military and more.

moxieandoliver's stainless steel flask with tooled leather is super handsome. I know that the man in this house has wished to have such a vessel, and always appreciates when someone pulls one out on a cold winter night after stacking bonfire wood or marching until your fingers freeze.

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