Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ATC's and the Story Behind the Blog Name

Artist Trading Cards are keeping me up at night. The very simple rule/parameter in size (they MUST be 2 1/2" x 3 1/2") is giving me one million ideas. If you don't know about ATCs or you want to know more, check out this website

Miss Kinder and I spent a good part of the weekend working on these. We are doing work related to the Kids ATC swap that was organized by these crafty women in the blogosphere. We got out the pens, markers, watercolors, magazines and gluesticks. She woke up this morning asking if we could go do some more. It was 6:15. Can you tell which of these was done by me, and which were her handiwork? I put the answer at the end of the post.

I think now is as good of a time as any to give you the story behind the blog name. I like words, a lot. So much that I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans from my MFA in creative writing. Weren't the 90's hilarious?

Anyhow, skipthechips makes me think a little of skipping to my lou, or skipping rocks -- fun activities which I do a lot of these days. Then there is the healthy angle of skipping the chips that it could conjure. You might think I'm the kind of girl who would say, "would you please substitute the chips/fries for a side salad?" I like that you might think that of me. I sometimes wish I were that girl. She's really got it together.

But here's the truth: when I was pregnant with my second daughter I had these cravings for Subway sandwiches. I knew well the risks of eating lunchmeat during pregnancy, and I believed they were important. But these were cravings, and these things defy rational thinking. So, I asked my Other Half (OH! as I will refer to him) if he would please pick me up a Subway sandwich on his way home. The insanity line was crossed when I phoned OH! on the cell and shouted, "skip the chips and get the footlong!"

He didn't even laugh at me. That's how crazy he'd gotten used to life with me being. I guess it wasn't much different than the first pregnancy, when he presented a gorgeous broiled salmon and steamed veggie dinner to me and I barked "That's NOT gravy!" Which gives me a terrific name for another blog come to think of it.

Answer: top row, Miss Kinder; bottom row, me

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Between Hitching Posts said...

Thanks for sharing your split pea soup recipe! I had forgotten about pea soup, & I really like it. I'll have to see if my kids do.

Peggy Andrews said...

We just made the other night, so it was on the brain. I want to try yours, too. We are huge soup fans here.

Iris E. said...

Hey there Midcoast Neighbor and Blog Buddy!
I love this post about your ATC adventures. Aren't they addicting? I love the multigenerational appeal...the fact that you can do it as a toddler, a grandma, or as a "non-artist" person!
We are having an ATC make and swap at the Rockport Library this Saturday, rom 2:30-4, and the theme (if you choose to accept it) is needlefelted ATCs. Come join us!

Lisa said...

I love the ATC cards! We have never done them before, but now we will. Really the perfect indoor activity for a indoor kind of day! Thanks for sharing!
I love the pregnancy craving stories! My bad cravings were McDonald's french fries and Reese Cups!

Lynnie said...

What???? Why haven't I ever heard of ATC cards? I can totally imagine becoming totally addicted to making such things!!!! Thanks for tipping me off, I'm off to cut paper to the proper dimensions now!

Oh, and that's a really hilarious story behind your blog name! Reminds me of when I was pregnant with my second and was craving hotdogs. I mentioned this craving to a pregnant friend and she said, "Yeah, I've been craving them too. Too bad we can't have them though since we're pregnant." There was a pause and then I said, "Well, actually, I ate one just yesterday," and she replied "Yeah, me too!"

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