Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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My favorite Midwestern craftastic mama, Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes, tagged me for this, which is another reason for me to like her. I am consistently blown away by her knowledge of the natural world, and the ways she explores nature with her two girls. She also creates the cutest things with felt that I wish would come to life and be my pets.

This is the picture I found in the sixth folder, in the number six position. It shows Miss Kinder, at age 2.5, walking just outside our front stoop and past the Carrot Top Bakery in Inwood, NYC. This bakery has great carrot cake as you might imagine, but my memory of it is the giant cookies that lined the case inside, and of Madeline who worked there. This wonderful woman would wave Miss Kinder inside and tell her to point to any cookie she wanted. And each year on Miss Kinder's birthday, this same lovely woman would have Miss Kinder decide what color flowers she'd like on a small carrot cake which she would then decorate as a gift to her. 

The main thing about this picture is that it makes me miss our old neighborhood and all the amazing people who live there. My friend MaryElizabeth takes pictures of these very people and has a great flickr set, right here

I'm new to the blog world and don't know many of the wonderful people whose blogs I frequent. I will tag a few anyhow, because I'd love to see what picture lurks in their 6th folder, 6th picture.

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Lisa said...

Peggy, thank you so much for such kind words! You are very sweet! :) I love the photo and love the name of the bakery (I'm a redhead and have been called carrot top numerous times). What a neat experience with the big city....the biggest city I've ever lived in was Columbus, Ohio (OSU buckeye).

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