Monday, February 23, 2009

A Cure for February

One surefire way to cheer yourself up when holed up in late February is to make some gifts. Fortunately for me, I have three really big birthdays this time of year, so I spent the weekend getting these gifts together and packaging them up for today's mail. I'm excited to share them with you, and will, just as soon as I locate the missing cord that connects my little camera to this dandy macbook. 

I also had the fortune of getting to attend my very first ATC meetup and make, at the Rockport Public Library. I learned how to needlefelt and am looking forward to doing much more of this. My card came out pretty neato (my fuzzy red bird, right, linked from Iris' blog), and was promptly snatched up by Miss Kinder for her growing collection. 

And, I got to meet blogging mama librarian and fellow ATC fan Iris E! I had stumbled on Iris E's blog, Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life, in some internet act of random fate, and was super excited to meet her in real life. Check out her blog for more ATC love, and some real badass knitting. Don't even get me started on how jealous I am of her chickens.


Lisa said...

I don't blame Ms. Kinder for snatching that card up, it's beautiful! I would love to set up an ATC exchange with you. That would be a lot of fun! I know once my girls and I start making these we won't be able to stop! BTW I tagged you for a game, if you want to play you are to post your 6th photo from your 6th file and tell the blogging world about it. Have a good day.

Iris E. said...

Yes, so lovely to meet. And I just adore that card you made. So many many crafts and crafters to meet! I really enjoyed the quiet industry of our afternoon together on Saturday, though I kept having to pop up and be librarian. That was OK too!
Hope to see you again soon.

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