Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kinder Love Nuggets

I had quite a bit of yellow felt leftover from the nesting doll project, even after making 2 sets of them. I decided to spice up the valentine scene by making these puffy little love nuggets for Miss Kinder's class. She has been agonizing over which friend will get which one. These couldn't have been easier to make: I made a template out of a manilla folder, cut out 30 of them (for the 15 children in the class) and then got out the dark pink, light pink and red embroidery thread. I stitched the fronts up, lined up the back with a little puffy stuffing between them, and stitched them up with the trusty blanket stitch.


Lisa said...

These are adorable! The kids will love them! Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

Peggy Andrews said...

Lisa, thanks! Your blog is one of my very favorites. Keep up the great work!

Lisa said...

You are too sweet, I am humbled! :)

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