Saturday, March 28, 2009

ATC workshop by Miss Kinder

Friday was Miss Kinder's big day to teach some local kids all about Artist Trading Cards. We arrived for the big event on time, to see we were being welcomed with great enthusiasm!

I had recommended to her that we approach the Starrett Center in Belfast to see if they might be interested in having her come in to share her ATC's and make some with the kids, and they were super excited. She was nervous, but settled in and helped me to explain a little about them and pass out lots of examples from her collection.

Everyone was eager to start. We passed out lots of blank precut cards and they got out the markers and pencils to give it a try. After they got comfortable, we cut out more paper and they brought out the really fun supplies: stickers, dried flowers, gluesticks, ribbon, fabric scraps, origami paper and watercolors. 

We told them all about the Rockport Library and the binder you can swap your card into and take one of your choosing, which generated a lot of happiness. We had participants from age 3 to age 58 -- one of the greatest things of doing ATCs!

This one above is called Duck Village, and I was coveting it. The clever eight-year-old who made it wasn't ready to trade. But one of the teachers, Linda, kindly traded this beautiful ATC with Miss Kinder for one she brought to show everyone of the NYC skyline. Miss Kinder loved Linda's ATC, and was tickled by its name: Eggrise over Fingers.


Lisa said...

I love this! Way to go Miss Kinder!

Enviro Girl said...

Fantastic! What an amazing way for your daughter to share her creativity! Can't wait til my toddler can make ATCs! (or maybe she can already and I'm just imposing my adult expectations on them... food for thought)

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