Monday, March 9, 2009

Lunch Sack for Miss Kinder

This weekend it all started when I went poking around downtown and saw some very cute reusable sandwich bags at the Green Store in Belfast. I took a long look at them and thought, I can do this! I decided to use some of the oilcloth I had bought over a year ago from Yo Mammas Home.

I drew a template on a manilla folder, and stitched up two of the bags just like the ones I saw. By this time, Miss Kinder had some ideas of her own, which included making a bag for them to go inside as well as another shape. Her ideas were either a heart or a star, but I nixed those figuring they would just store crumbs, so I went with a half circle. But the real victory for me was the owl-looking hard boiled egg holder, since she eats these pretty regularly. This required me to get my spatially thoughtful Other Half to help draw a template that would work, but we did it. 

Miss Kinder also decided she should have a cloth napkin for her lunch sack. She's been coveting the two fabrics I used since I brought them home from Alewives Fabrics and her love of them was reason enough for me to cut into them.

I used this tutorial from Jumilla Stories for the lunch sack, which was really easy. The only advice I'd offer if you try this would be to loosen the tension on your machine a bit so it moves through the oil cloth easily. I learned this the hard way.



Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest bags!!! They have to be the hit of the lunchroom! :) Now I need to send my girls to school just so I can make them some. ;)

Lynnie said...

Those look fantastic! I love oilcloth. I had a neighbor long ago who used to find old furniture in the dump or on the side of the room and fix it up then sell it in front of her house. It always turned out gorgeous and I remember she used lots of oilcloth to cover chairs in, etc! Hey, thanks for wishing me well with my surgery which went off without a hitch! I really appreciate it!

Iris E. said...

I was just revisiting this gorgeous post with a friend who is getting serious about the packaging in her life! Beautiful! Great ideas.

Tracy said...

I love these!

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