Friday, March 6, 2009

So Now We're Living Second Lives

I have that Phil Collins song stuck in my head, which I now remember is actually "Separate Lives" but I've been singing "second lives." I've somehow turned a song about infidelity into a song about Buddhism and recycling, isn't that fantastic? 

We can't go on just holding on to time
Now that we're living second lives


from the Second Lives exhibition at Waterfall Arts, by Ethan Andrews

Instructions for assembly:
           1.  Assemble the rack as it was made to be assembled.
           2. Start taking it apart from the top, reattaching the pieces as you go in such a way that it tends to overbalance in one direction.
           3. When it finally falls, leave it.

Lots of items in our home are enjoying second lives these days. This is not limited to glass jars and old clothes, which seem perfect for holding buttons or making handkerchiefs. My Other Half, who reports by day and is a painter and public art maker by night finds the most interesting things to do with items that are lying around

Waterfall Arts here in Belfast has an opening tonight focusing on just this concept. And to boot, my Other Half is prominently featured alongside some of the areas dandy other artists who do similar work. The whole family will shine our shoes and head over tonight for the show's opening and if you are anywhere near us, please stop by and say hello.

Waterfall Arts
Friday March 6, Reception from 6 to 8 pm 
Group Exhibit of artists using re-purposed and recycled materials - artists Ben Potter, Karen MacDonald, Ethan Andrews, Mark Kelly, Beth Henderson and David McLaughlin

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Lisa said...

What artistic parents Miss Kinder is so lucky to have! I hope the show went well!

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