Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday garland

A friend from my days in Inwood has kindly allowed me to share her lovely birthday tradition with you. In lieu of gifts for her girls, she makes a simple request: bring a flower. She uses these offerings to create a beautiful garland for the birthday girl. 

I love how this simple garland marks the celebration of friends and the birthday girl herself. I loved watching Shannon create the garland while the kids played. Once worn, the garland really makes the photos of the birthday girl shine. The garland can be dried and used as a decorative wreath afterward, which I think is all kinds of terrific. 

Creating a Birthday Garland

Gather your supplies:
*  florist wire
*  wire cutters
*  scissors
*  flowers!
Wind the flowers around the florist wire going in the same direction. Because guests are bringing the flowers, you will be dealing with many stem types. Start with the sturdiest stem (usually the sunflower) by poking the wire into the stem and then wrapping the wire around the next flower stem. Repeat. To connect the beginning stem to the last one, wrap the remaining florist wire to the initial wire at the start of the garland. 


Lisa said...

So beautiful! Ok you silly lady, I will do the swap...really like the cloth hanky idea and should learn how to do the rolled hem. Should I post the swap on my blog? I will if you want.

Shannon said...

It turned out great! Well done and described beautifully. Thanks for the kudos- and BTW, my girl's garlands are hanging in their bedroom, all in a row. I hope others use this tradition. Thanks for passing it along.

CouponAlbum said...

Thanks for the tutorial for making those birthday garland... I will try this!!

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