Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pencil and Sketchbook Holder

Miss Kinder and I have been going over ideas for what to make for a certain six-year-old girl's birthday this Saturday. Originally, she was all fired up for some more nesting dolls, but then reconsidered and wanted something different. We looked and looked, and looked some more, and her eyes lit up when she saw this pencil and sketchbook holder

Now, a better person would have carefully followed either the detailed step-by-step tutorial on Skip to my Lou or the one on one red robin. I got antsy, and decided I had the gist of it. I think I should consider matching my thread when I am going to wing it, so that my mistakes don't show up so, well, yellowy.

For the clasp/closure, I borrowed an idea from another great project. It's a coffee cozy from Erin at House on Hill Road who ingeniously uses a button and a ponytail holder. McGyver crafts!

Now we are ready to put on our bowling shoes for the party and fill up on cake!


kay zee said...

aww i love the owls!

Peggy said...

thank you, kay zee! hoothoot

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