Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Kids ATC Swap was very exciting and was my first foray into swappy craft blog land. The biggest issue with it was that in the end I realized that I actually wanted to be the swapper and swappee. Lucky for me there are tons of these around, and I have gotten myself hooked in a way that keeps me making things (which I love) and getting mail (which I love almost just as much.)

Two new swaps are on my to-do list, and I promise there will be exciting photos forthcoming!

One is We Wilson's tea towel swap, which has been fun. I am swapping one recipe and two tea towels with one person and I've been trying some new things for me, trying to make them really beautiful. I can't say more just now about this because I don't want to spoil it for my partner who might get really bored one day and poke on over to this here blog. 

The other I just signed up for is an Easter Bunny Children's Swap at Wee Pereas. I stumbled on it while adding a comment to 5 orange potatoes. It's an Easter/Spring swap for mamas and their little ones. This is great because I can pretend that I'm excited mostly for Miss Kinder, but really I'm just as eager, if not more so. 

There's still a few days to sign up, so what do you say? 


Anonymous said...

Oooh, you need to check out -- there's a Crafters Group you'll love!

Lisa said...

I have to sign up for a swap sometime....they intimadate me.

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