Monday, March 16, 2009

Wintery Lix

At least a foot of snow has melted in the last week, and there is no doubt that we are headed away from winter and right toward spring. This year, despite all the snow and cold, I've really never had that feeling that winter just won't quit, or that I need spring and summer to get here. I think this has more to do with being well outside the grip of PPD and finally, firmly rooted into my own skin again. 

Just before the warmer temperatures took over, we made this lovely, lick-able sun catcher as seen on Way up High in the Monkey Bread Tree. The beads, elephant, and painted Buddha got plunked down in a cake tin and then we filled it with water and left it overnight on the porch, resulting in this icy magical delight. It was amazing how magical they found it, staring at each object through the ice with new eyes, waiting for the ice to melt away.

In other news, much crafting has been happening behind the blog curtain. Much of it is for the purposes of gifting or swapping, so no pictures just yet. Also, last night I finished the honkin' biography of Charles Schulz, Shultz and Peanuts, which was incredible. (image from the Charles Schulz Museum)

In particular, I was really drawn to the parts focused on his lifelong immersion in anxiety and sadness and how resistant he was to treatment for fear of losing his talents. In my daughters' lives, this is one myth I'd love to see shattered

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Iris E. said...

Hey Peggy!
Love the frozen suncatcher idea! What do you say about joining forces and starting a Rolled-Hem hankie swap? Wouldn't that be a sweet spring adventure? Wanna collaborate on this one with me?


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